Check for Needed Reboot with PowerShell

29 Mar
Power Button

Test-PendingReboot About half of the time when Windows is behaving badly, all it needs is reboot.  The other half of the time restarting fixes the problem 😉 .  Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but all too often we are asked to fix … Read More »

Put Your Windows Group Policy to Work

19 Mar

Group Policy is one of the features that sets Windows Active Directory apart from other network directories.  It is also often overlooked in small environments.  The sheer number of settings in a Group Policy Object (GPO) make a little daunting. … Read More »

A Simple PowerShell Module

10 Mar
PowerShell Module

Why would you want to make your own module? The back-story that motivated me I had not been using PowerShell very long before I realized that my scripts were multiplying, exponentially. You can probably relate if you’re a PowerShell lover … Read More »