My First Blog Post

6 Mar

Why another blog?

There is no shortage of blogs out there, on the web. I read somewhere that we are nearing 500 million of them. So…. why add another one? This isn’t a answer I came to lightly. Blogs are a lot of work.

My reasoning ultimately came down to just a one thing. I’ve lost count of the times I solved a problem or found a solution to a need on someone’s blog. Often, I find blogs are more helpful than support articles, documentation, and the like. I don’t mean more thorough or correct. It’s really just a factor (IMHO) of the blog posting being about a real experience, for good or for bad. The documentation, on the other hand, is about how the provider of the product thinks it should work. Now, its my turn to contribute some of the things I have picked up and learned. Maybe I can save someone else, the way many a blog post has saved me.

How I set it all up?

Most blogs are free on one hosting site or another. The blogger accepts whatever advertisement their host decides to put there, in exchange for the ability to share their thoughts. I skipped past the free blogs pretty quick. The idea of someone else making money on my content doesn’t sit well with me. If I am going to go to the trouble of creating a blog and writing regular content, I might as well earn any money it produces myself. If all I do is break even, I am still better off, given that I can at least control the ads. Oh, how I hate obnoxious ads!

Monetizing a blog is no easy feat. There is a lot to think about and a lot that goes into it. I had a lot of ideas for content, but a bunch of random posts aren’t going to bring return visits. Ultimately, my most useful ideas come from my career in information technology. To that end, I settled on an IT blog. But, there are still a lot of reasons for me to have a space not dedicated to IT. WordPress multi-site it is. This post is in my “me” site. I made my IT blog over here, still empty as of this writing. Who knows, maybe someday I will make another. 💡

Yeah, its my first post….

Every blog has to start somewhere. My first post over on my IT site will probably be more IT in nature so you should consider this an introduction to both. Feel free to let me know what you think. Keep in mind that I will feel free to delete your comments if I don’t like your tone. 😉


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