The World Class Taxi Service

3 Apr

I don’t uses taxis often. The next time I need one though, I think I found the best.

Service Matters

These taxi drivers have super convenient hours.  They don’t mind hanging around for the return journey, even for extended waits. You see, it’s very important to them to keep an eye on their passengers, lest they take another taxi.   Freezing cold, rain, or sweltering heat doesn’t phase their resolve.  Some will gripe about the conditions, with the other taxi drivers, when they get severe, but rarely in front of their fare.

If transportation isn’t enough, don’t dismay. It’s not uncommon for them to feed their passengers at no extra charge.  The food is not be spectacular, but options are limited while on the road.  Tipping is not allowed, even when they help carry bags and whatnot.

You will not see a single ad for these hard working chauffeurs, but they always manage find plenty of work. Word of mouth is all they need.  Most of their clients petition their services via special request because it’s quite difficult to get squeezed into their busy schedule.

Did You Figure It Out?

I’m sure some of you can relate. Many of you used them earlier in your life. Perhaps you’ve been that taxi.  The “Taxi” drivers of whom I speak are all the parents, grandparents, and older siblings that cart kids around to their various extracurricular activities.

My wife and I love watching our kids games.  But, there is more to any activity than just watching your kid.  You must endure extreme weather, chaos, practices, chaos, early arrival, chaos, and pictures.  Somehow, through all the chaos, we get them there, with all the stuff they need (usually), fed and ready to go.  We head to the spectator area only to find that we’re starving in freezing weather without our coat.  Yeah, that was me, a couple of nights ago.

Kudos to all the super “taxi” drivers out there.  Enjoy and God bless!


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