Pop-up Camper Rebuild Project – Part 4

24 Sep

Continuing Pop-up Camper Rebuild Project – Part 3 Repairing the Tent The last time around, I pretty much finished the trailer.  Now for the tent.  If you recall from part one, the canvas, or vinyl rather, appeared in decent shape.  … Read More »

Pop-up Camper Rebuild Project – Part 3

25 Aug

Continuing Pop-up Camper Rebuild Project – Part 2 The Outside   The paint was in decent shape but the pin stripping looked lousy and there were some significant holes in the exterior that needed to be patched.  Most of the are … Read More »

Pop-up Camper Rebuild Project – Part 2

1 Jul
Interesting Camper

Continuing Pop-up Camper Rebuild Project – Part 1 Digging in I inspected this camper as best as I could before making a purchase, but there was no way to identify all of the problems.  Most of the cabinetry needed to come … Read More »

Pop-up Camper Rebuild Project – Part 1

6 Jun
Interesting Camper

Camping I have always loved camping.  Most of my camping time was through my local boy scout troop, rather than on the family vacations.  We did a lot of backwoods camping.  Fast forward, a wife and four kids later, I’m … Read More »

Overhead Video Player Install

22 May

Installing a video player didn’t seem that much more difficult than the amps and receivers installed in days past.  Of course, these things rarely go according to plan.  The install succeeded but it took about twice as long as I … Read More »

The Mischievous Explorer

18 May

Well that sounds like a grand adventure. Not so much. This explorer is a Ford product. And the only thing grand was my aggravation. The Back Story We purchased our 2010 Ford Explorer from a Mitsubishi dealer in Richmond, VA. … Read More »

The World Class Taxi Service

3 Apr

I don’t uses taxis often. The next time I need one though, I think I found the best. Service Matters These taxi drivers have super convenient hours.  They don’t mind hanging around for the return journey, even for extended waits. … Read More »

My First Blog Post

6 Mar
Scrabble Blog

Why another blog? There is no shortage of blogs out there, on the web. I read somewhere that we are nearing 500 million of them. So…. why add another one? This isn’t a answer I came to lightly. Blogs are … Read More »